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Healthy Dieting Tips

Dieting refers to a regulated eating habit, particularly for the purpose of losing weight or sustaining weight loss. People who are obese or overweight use dieting alongside physical exercise to lose weight. Healthy dieting is the best way to play safe while trying to lose weight.

Types of Dieting for Weight Loss

Generally, dieting for weight loss is classified into four categories namely low-calorie, very-low calorie, low-fat, and low-carbohydrate. Extended study on dieting shows that most people who embarked on dieting gained back almost all the lost weight after the dieting period, it doesn’t matter whether they kept on with their diet or exercise regimen. The same study also revealed that two-thirds of dieters even get weightier than they are before commencing their dieting routine. Consequently, APA concludes that dieting does not offer both sustained weight loss and health benefits. So, what is the solution? Healthy dieting of course.

Healthy Dieting Tips: Proper Nutrition

Nutrients from food come from six major classes namely: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, dietary minerals, vitamins, and water. Proteins supply amino acids for muscle cells building. Carbohydrates provide energy via metabolism. Vitamins and minerals are essential for keeping adequate electrolyte balance and aiding metabolic processes. Essential fatty acids help in cell membrane and cell construction. Therefore, taking each of these classes of food nutrients in the right proportion is the best way to achieve healthy dieting. World Health Organization and the National Academy of Sciences outlined guidelines for proper dietary intake of all essential nutrients. Most times, people who embark on dieting tend to ingest excess of some of the essential nutrients, which in return can be potentially harmful.

Healthy dieting will also include drinking plenty of water, which in turn helps to get rid of fat and toxins from the body. Also, nutritionists highly advocate avoidance of fat, particularly saturated fat to aid weight loss and further promote healthy living.