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Best Tips for Maintaining Healthy Cholesterol

Cholesterol on its own is not an evil to be avoided. In fact, it is needful for the proper functioning of the cell since it is the major component of cell membranes. The blood carries cholesterol but does not have the ability to dissolve it. Consequently, for cholesterol to be transported round the body, it requires a medium known as lipoproteins. “Good cholesterol isn’t referring to the cholesterol we get in food, but the high- density lipoprotein cholesterol that circulates in the blood”, says an expert. Maintaining healthy cholesterol is very essential for your overall health.

Good cholesterol is among the fats that are measured in the lipid panel blood test performed by physicians. And, this is the type of cholesterol the body needs more, since a higher HDL is linked with a decreased risk of heart-related disease. There have been tangible evidences confirming the important role that HDL plays.

What You Should Know about “Good” Cholesterol

• “Good” cholesterol which is the HDL offers protection against the buildup of fatty deposits in the coronary arteries’ walls.

• Your overall blood cholesterol comprises of 20-30 percent HDL cholesterol

• According to studies, if the HDL cholesterol drops by 5-point, there’s likely to be a 25 percent increased risk of heart disease.

• Genetics play role in impacting HDL cholesterol levels

• Typically, the HDL cholesterol levels in women is more than that of men

Tips for Boosting and Maintaining Healthy Cholesterol

Boosting and maintaining healthy cholesterol basically requires a change of lifestyle which includes healthy diet. The tips for boosting healthy cholesterol levels include the following:

• Taking sufficient quantity of orange juice daily can help boost your HDL cholesterol levels significantly. A study showed a boost by 21 percent over 3 weeks period by consuming three-cups of orange juice daily.

• Going for monounsaturated fats instead of saturated fats will help lower bad cholesterol and increase the good one.

• Soy products are high in unsaturated fats and will help boost your healthy cholesterol.

Practice these tips on boosting and maintaining healthy cholesterol.